Jahmene Douglas slams The X Factor for lack of support

The former contestant has a lot to say about the talent show

Jahmene Douglas has hit out at X Factor bosses for not showing enough support.

The 26-year-old contestant was on the show back in 2012 where he lost out to James Arthur, but has gone on to have success with a solo album with RCA record label.

In recent months however, he has made his mental health battle public and blames the talent show for not being there for him.

The singer pictured at the One For The Boys Charity Ball on 9 June 2017 (Credit: Wenn)

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Jahmene is angry that no care was given to the contestants to prepare them mentally for fame.

Opening up to The Sun, he said: “One thing I want to talk about, which people don’t touch on, is the aftermath of The X Factor.

“There’s no care for you, if you aren’t signed to Syco the show just doesn’t…there’s nothing for you after the show.

Jahmene came second in 2012’s X Factor (Credit: Wenn)

“I came from witness protection to being watched by 15 million people a week, and there’s no one talking to you… there’s no therapist on the show, you’re just expected to cope.

“I think it is a problem that needs to be discussed, the mental health of contestants after the show.”

An X Factor spokesman has denied these comments and said that there is help on hand should the contestants need it.

He has stayed close to James Arthur and former coach Nicole Scherzinger (Credit: Instagram)

“The welfare of The X Factor contestants is of utmost importance to the show”, they said.

“Support, including a psychologist if required, is provided throughout the series.”

Meanwhile, a Syco source said: “If Jahmene, or any other contestant reaches out, we are always there to offer support.”

Back in March of this year, the singer sparked concern from his fans after posting details of his depression.

He shared an emotional post entitled: “This is me…”, and admitted that he had “suicidal thoughts”.

It said: “I don’t know what to do any more.

“My mind is plagued with suicidal thoughts whenever my defences are down.”

He continued: “I feel so broken, lost and worthless. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I try to fix myself, who I talk to or what I put in place it always comes back to this.”

The star shared a worrying message revealing he had suicidal thoughts back in March (Credit: ITV/Lorraine)

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It ended: “All I am ever left with is the desire to die. I don’t want it, but I do. That’s the inner battle.

“I’m scared the next time I try I will succeed because I have nothing in place any more.”

Opening up about the revealing post, he said that he wanted to encourage males to speak out and that “being honest helps”.

The star is currently campaigning for the One For The Boys charity, which raises money to help men fight cancer.

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