Jade Goody’s life could have been saved by a jab says Jeff Brazier

Jade's ex and dad of her two sons is on a mission to raise awareness about HPV and cancer

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Jade Goody’s ex-partner and father of her two children, Jeff Brazier, has spoken out in an emotional interview about how he believes her life could have been saved.

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Appearing on Loose Women, along with Dr Christian Jessen, Jeff revealed that Jade – who died from cervical cancer in 2009 – could have lived if she’d had the HPV (human papillomavirus) jab as a teenager.

Former Big Brother star Jade was only 27 when she passed away, leaving behind her two sons with Jeff, Bobby and Freddy.

Now Jeff is on a mission to raise awareness about HPV and it’s link to cervical cancer – and male cancers too.

When asked if the simple jab could have saved her, he replied: “It would have altered the course, almost definitely.”

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HPV is a sexually-transmitted virus that can cause cancer in both sexes. While it’s well accepted that it can lead to cervical cancer, the link to male cancers is still not quite known.

He continued: “Jade’s cancer was HPV, in boys you’re more likely to see neck and throat cancer, anal cancer and penile cancer.”

Boots is offering the jab to males between the ages of 12 and 44 for free. Jeff admits he’s spoken to his son, Bobby about it.

He said: “When I told him there was a link to mum’s cancer – it had his interest.”

Earlier this week, Jeff admitted he was afraid of losing is two boys to cancer, after discovering the link between HPV and male cancers.

He told Mail Online: “Jade’s death may have been HPV-related so as a family we know first-hand how heart-breaking the consequences of the virus can be.

“Jade would want me to do all I can to protect our boys and I can’t lose them too.”

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