Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed contemplated suicide after her death

Jade lost her battle with cancer on March 22, 2009

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Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed attempted to take his own life following the death of his wife Jade Goody in 2009.

The Big Brother star sadly lost her battle with cancer on March 22, 2009 at the age of just 27.

Now Jack has admitted he battled suicidal thoughts for some time following her passing.

Jack has opened up about suicidal thoughts after wife Jade Goody died (Credit:SplashNews)

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Jack – who married Jade one month before her death – said: “I did have suicidal thoughts for a while, just thought what’s the point in all this?

“I’ve lost everything and never felt so low in my life, my brother came round one day and found me sitting with bottles of tablets in front of me.”

Jade’s widower Jack suffers acute anxiety

The 32-year-old television personality says he struggled with “acute anxiety” after Jade’s death, and began to drink to “get rid” of the nauseous feeling brought on by his mental health battle.

He added: “My mental health has suffered a lot since Jade died.

I did have suicidal thoughts for a while, just thought what’s the point in all this?

“I’ve got acute anxiety which is very hard to deal with. I went on medication for a while, but I didn’t really like it.

“To be honest, I probably didn’t give it a chance. I’m not one for taking tablets.

“The anxiety is awful. It makes you feel like you can’t cope with simple things everything feels like a big deal, when you wake up and have this constant sick feeling every day.

“For a while I used to drink to get rid of that feeling, but the next day you feel even worse so I decided to cut down which I have now to once a week and sometimes once a fortnight.”

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Mother’s Day anniversary of Jade Goody’s death

This Sunday (March 20) will mark the 11th anniversary of Jade’s passing.

Jack has said the day will be particularly difficult for Jade’s two children – Bobby, 16, and Freddie, 15, whom she has with Jeff Brazier – because the date also falls on Mother’s Day in the UK.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Jack said: “Sunday will be hard for me but when I think of Jade and the times we spent together, it’s lovely.

She told me once until she met me no one had done anything romantic for her so I tried to do that as much as I could.

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“Mother’s Day will be extra hard this year as it’s also the anniversary of Jade’s death.

“We would always do as much as we could with Bobby and Freddie nothing was more important to Jade than her kids. Like most mums she would have done anything for them and she truly did.”

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