Jacqueline Jossa’s daughter Ella ‘calls’ dad Dan Osborne in CBB house

She hasn't seen her father since CBB started on August 16

Jacqueline Jossa has shared adorable images of her daughter Ella trying to phone the Celebrity Big Brother house to speak with dad Dan Osborne.

Ella, three, hasn’t been able to see or speak to her father since August 16, when Dan entered the Big Brother house.

Jacqueline Jossa's daughter calls Dan Osborne in CBB house
Ella tried to dial Dan in the CBB house (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Naturally, she’s missing her dad, which Jacqueline, 25, revealed in a sweet Instagram Stories update showing Ella ‘dialling’ the Big Brother house on her toy phone and having an imaginary conversation with dad.

Ella is seen dressed in dungarees as she carefully dials a number into a pink plastic phone.

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Jacqueline Jossa's daughter calls Dan Osborne in CBB house
Jacqueline was heard giggling throughout Ella’s call (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Jacqueline uploaded the snap with the simple caption: “Love her.”

She asks Ella who she is calling, with the little girl replying: “My daddy. He is nearly here.”

Jacqueline Jossa's daughter calls Dan Osborne in CBB house
Ella hasn’t seen her dad since August 16 when he entered CBB (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Ella then asks the phone, “Daddy, are you coming today? I’m excited to see you.”

She then excitedly tells Jacqueline that “daddy is coming today” as a giggling Jacqueline gushes: “You’re so cute.”

Jacqueline Jossa's daughter calls Dan Osborne in CBB house
She told Dan to come home quickly (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Ella then tells Jacqueline that “daddy’s not here” before hanging up the phone with “bye, bye, bye”.

She then cuddles up to Jacqueline telling her: “I want to cuddle my daddy.”

Jacqueline Jossa's daughter calls Dan Osborne in CBB house
Ella just wants to cuddle her dad (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

When Jacqueline says Ella will get to cuddle him “so soon”, the little girl responds: “I want to go to daddy’s work.”

Jacqueline assures Ella that Dan will be finished at work soon and asks Ella if she thinks her daddy is a winner.

“No!” laughs Ella, making Jacqueline giggle: “You cheeky monkey.”

Dan Osborne with daughters Ella and Mia
Dan with Ella and Mia (Credit: Instagram @danosborneofficial)

Ex-TOWIE star Dan, 27, broke down in tears on Big Brother earlier this week when he received a letter from home.

He and Jacqueline are also parents to daughter Mia, born in June, while Dan has a son Teddy, four, from a previous relationship.

His letter said: “Hi daddy, it’s Ella. Mummy has helped me write this letter. We are all on holiday and we all miss you so much. It just isn’t the same without you to play with and give me cuddles.

“Mummy says you will be home soon and that you are at work so you can buy us all more toys when you get back.

Dan Osborne on CBB
Dan broke down in tears over the letter (Credit: Channel 5)

“Mummy told me you’re doing so well at work and we should all be proud of you but Daddy, I miss you very much and I can’t wait to give you the biggest cuddle ever. Come home soon. I can’t wait to see you. Lots of love, Ella and Mummy.

“P.s. Mummy says Baby Mia is looking more and more like you everyday.”

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Jacqueline and Dan began dating in 2014 and married last year, before going through a rocky patch earlier this year.

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne wedding day
Jacqueline and Dan married last year (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Dan has told his Big Brother housemates it was Mia’s birth in June that acted as the catalyst to pull them back together, saying:  “We had a spell when we lost that friendship. Once we had Mia, we started getting on.

“That’s the one thing with  Jacqueline. Usually when you’re with someone you go through a bad time and then you sort of lose that attraction to them. I’ve never lost that attraction to her.”

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