Jacqueline Jossa delivers forceful message for body shaming trolls

The EastEnders star says she is called "fat" on a "regular basis"

Jacqueline Jossa has confessed she constantly deals with body shaming trolls, revealing she gets called “fat” on a “regular basis”.


The EastEnders actress is only a UK size 10-12 and also gave birth last year to daughter Ella.

She took to Twitter to express her anger, writing: “Everywhere I look, people are talking about weight or how to lose it, feel sorry for the young girls looking up to the wrong people.

“It’s Christmas, eat what you want, the most important thing is family, and having fun.

“We don’t have to be stick thin to be happy, this seriously upsets me, I get called fat on a regular basis, I’ve had a baby and I’m happy.

“I’m also a size 10-12 and don’t want to feel pressured into losing weight to please other people.

“There is so much worse going on in the world right now, I’m going to embrace this Christmas, eat what I want and play games with my family.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Jac!

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Her fiancé Dan Osbourne recently admitted the 24-year-old actress recently lost her confidence after having a baby, but added that her recent Sexiest Female win at the Inside Soap awards gave her a much-needed boost.

He said: “She was really happy to win that award. She didn’t think she could win it after she’d had a baby – she doesn’t think she’s sexy anymore.

“But now she feels good about herself and has had a confidence boost.”

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This isn’t the first time Jacqueline has taken on trolls – just last month she defended herself after followers suggested she looked pregnant again.

She said: “I try not to pay attention to comments about the way I look. I’ve had people saying, ‘She looks pregnant again, maybe she is having baby number two’.

“I’d like those people to know I’m not having another baby. So screw you.”

You go girl!

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