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Jack P Shepherd’s eight-year-old lovechild has crippling illness

Mum hopes cannabis oil treatment will help

The mother of Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd’s eight-year-old lovechild – who was reportedly conceived during a one-night stand in 2010 – has spoken of her little boy’s devastating health issues.

Sammy Milewski and her son, Greyson (Credit: Instagram/sammymilewski)

Sammy Milewski, 32, told The Mirror that she hopes controversial cannabis oil treatment might help little Greyson, who has the incurable one-in-a-million genetic disorder alternating hemiplegia of childhood.

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Changes in the law mean that specialist medics can now prescribe the drug, and Sammy is hopeful that she will be able to secure it for Greyson within the next couple of months.

Greyson’s condition causes temporary paralysis on one side of his body, and his mum said the episodes have been getting worse, and increasing in duration.

She told the paper that the paralysis now happens every day, and causes Greyson immense pain – something she is hopeful the cannabis oil will ease.

Concerned mum Sammy hope cannabis oil will help Greyson (Credit:Instagram/Sammy Milewski)

“I have been fighting for two years for Greyson to be prescribed cannabis oil and doctors assure me they will give it the go-ahead by the end of November,” Sammy  told The Mirror.

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Sammy said that the family has ‘tried absolutely everything’ to ease Greyson’s suffering, and hope that cannabis oil will be the answer.

“I know of two parents of kids with AHC in the US who have described cannabis oil as life-changing for their kids and I just hope it works for my son,” she said.

She added that she just wants her little boy to ‘lead the happy life he deserves’.

“If you saw what Greyson goes through on a daily basis, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t want to have to keep him cooped up, it’s really sad for him. ”

Greyson is unaware that Jack is his father, and the pair have never met, although the star provides for him financially, after demanding a DNA test to prove he was his son.  Jack also has two other children, Nyla, nine, and Reuben, five with his ex-fiancee, Lauren Shippey.

Jack larks about with his son Reuben and daughter Nyla (Credit: Instagram/JackPShepherd)

Sammy told the Mirror that she will tell her little boy about his dad when the time is right.

“Greyson has asked about mummies and daddies, but not in depth. When I come to that bridge I’ll cross it,” she said. “We try to avoid Coronation Street but Greyson likes Emmerdale – it comes on just before his bedtime.”

Aw! Greyson sounds like a real little tropper – let’s hope this new treatment works out for him. Fingers crossed, Sammy.

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