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Coronavirus: Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling offers advice on relieving symptoms after beating COVID-19

She had 'all the symptoms' but wasn't tested

Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has offered her fans some advice on relieving the respiratory symptoms of coronavirus after experiencing the bug herself.

On Monday (April 6) afternoon, the celebrated British writer, 54, told her followers on Twitter she was now “completely recovered” from COVID-19 after having it for a couple of weeks.

She said that while she hasn’t been tested for the virus, she had “all the symptoms” and was able to recover at home.

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J.K. also offered some handy advice recommended by her doctor husband, Neil Murray, which she claims “helped a lot”.

She had ‘all symptoms’

She tweeted: “Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital, [which] explains how to relieve respiratory symptoms.

“For [the] last two weeks I’ve had all symptoms of C19 (though [I] haven’t been tested) and did this on doc husband’s advice.

“I’m fully recovered and [this] technique helped a lot.”

Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital.

She linked to a YouTube clip of a NHS worker giving advice on relieving some of the virus’ respiratory symptoms.

The technique, explained in the video in full, involves a series of deep breaths in, breath holding and intentional coughing with the mouth covered.

In a later tweet, the author thanked her fans for their messages and assured them she was feeling much better.

She wrote: “Thank you for your kind and lovely messages! I really am completely recovered and wanted to share a technique that’s recommended by doctors.

Words of kindness

“[It] costs nothing, has no nasty side effects but could help you/your loved ones a lot, as it did me. Stay safe, everyone x.”

She also offered some kind words of support to one follower who revealed they were terrified as they were currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

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They told J.K: “I’m so scared to get this. I’ve been alone for six weeks and only go out for labs and chemo (getting treatment for stage-three cancer). Bless everyone staying home who can and those working front line jobs to keep people supplies and cared for.”

The Harry Potter writer replied: “It’s our job to protect you and we will x.”

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