Honey G DENIES she dropped the ‘N-word’ on live show

Viewers in uproar over rapper's performance of Jump

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Honey G has had to weather a storm of criticism and ridicule throughout her time on The X Factor, and she’s now been hit by a shocking allegation.

Following her performance of Kriss Kross’s 1993 hit Jump last night, viewers took to Twitter to express their anger as they claim she used the N-word.

“My jaw actually just dropped with shock when Honey G dropped the N word, unacceptable #XFactor,” said one, while another wrote: “@TheXFactor can you explain why honey g used the n word on live TV. This is unacceptable.”

The comments continued with another viewers stating: “When I did not think Honey G could be worse, she dropped the N-word. Still not racist? #XFactor.”

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Another added: “@The_Honey_G Fair enough you rap and enjoy hip hop but saying the n word is another thing remember you’re still white.”

Let’s make it clear right now that these guys obviously need their ears de-waxing as there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate these allegations.

Indeed an X Factor spokesperson told Mirror Online: “Honey G did not use any offensive language.

Talking about the section of the song these viewers believe they heard something they didn’t, they added: “She sang the correct lyrics and said ‘kicking the flavor that makes you wanna jump’.”

Honey echoed that comment.

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There was further controversy from last night’s Honey G segment, as Louis Walsh was accused by some show fans of SWEARING at her.

As the Irish judge critiqued the rap artist, he told her she’d smashed it. Some heard ‘b*****d’!

One person noted on Twitter: “Oh my, time to clear my ears out. I thought Louis just said “you b*****d” rather than “you smashed it!” To Honey G.”

“Louis just called Honey G a b*****d,” another added.

Another said: “I genuinely thought Louis Walsh said “Honey G… You b*****d!”

Meanwhile, after yesterday evening’s performance, Simon Cowell declared that she brings more to the competition than just a voice and suggested that the entertainment that Honey gives is more than enough to see her through to the final.


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