“It’s insanely unfair” Jeff Brazier posts bittersweet snap from family holiday

Adorable Bobby is growing up fast but his mum isn't here to see it

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Jeff Brazier has shared a number of pictures of his sons on social media, documenting their journey as they grow up, just as any proud father would.

However, his posts, no matter how happy, are bittersweet, due to the untimely loss of his sons’ mother, Jade Goody.

Jeff took to Instagram to share an adorable picture of son Freddy enjoying a family holiday to Ibiza, but he also shared his ongoing devastation that his mother isn’t there to see him and his brother grow up.

Jeff revealed his conflict with his emotions after thinking about his sons (Credit: Instagram/@jeffbrazier)

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In the heart-wrenching post, he wrote: “Look at this boy today. I can’t experience immense pride and satisfaction without equally feeling that it’s insanely unfair that Mum isn’t here to feel what I’m feeling too.

“Think of all that love he doesn’t get that she would have given. I know there’s a lot of people that feel the same for people that should still be here right?”

Jeff does what he can to keep the boys surround by memories of their late mother (Credit: Wenn)

Jade lost her battle with cancer in 2009, just a few short month after being diagnosed, leaving Bobby, five, and four-year-old Freddie behind.

Jeff is vocal about his still raw anger and pain at losing Jade. On Loose Women last month, he spoke about the awful reality of talking to the kids about the situation.

“It’s so desperately unfair. To her and the children. Can you imagine anything harder? She did a courageous job.

Bobby and Freddie have the best support from their proud father (Credit: Instagram/@jeffbrazier)

“She said she was being sent by God to do a job for him and become a star in the sky. It was right at the time.

“My job at the time was to stand outside the room and make sure they absorbed the information.

“I was aware because of their age they may dismiss what they were hearing.

“After they ran out and carried on playing like nothing had happened.”

Jeff is besotted with his children and they all have very normal lives (Credit: Instagram/@jeffbrazier)

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Jeff has also spoken out about the steps he takes to keep Jade’s memory alive for Bobby and Freddie, revealing they have a ‘Mum’s Day’ on the 15th of every month.

In the interview with Woman’s Own, he said they use the day to share memories and dedicate an activity to her.

He added: “It’s just an indisputable fact that their lives would be better if Jade was here.”

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