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It’s A Sin on Channel 4: Why do they keep on saying ‘La’?

Mystery solved!

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It’s A Sin is becoming synonymous with the expression ‘La.’

The one syllable word is repeatedly used throughout the hit Channel 4 series.

But why?! Well it turns out it has a specific and rather relatable meaning.

Why do they say La on It’s A Sin?

Apparently ‘La’ is so often uttered because it is part of an in-joke between the main characters.

Writer Russell T Davies says that is how many friendship groups operate – they have silly in-jokes and even secret languages.

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So he added in an in-joke word to make the pals appear more relatable.

Speaking on It’s A Sin – After Hours, a web series, Russell explained: “I put it in because that’s how groups of friends work and I don’t think you ever see that often enough on television and in films.

olly alexander in it's a sin
Olly as Ritchie in It’s A Sin (Credit: Channel 4)

It is based on a past joke of Russell’s

“Groups of people who spend a lot of time together have these codes and jokes and in-jokes.”

And he even says it is an expression he used with his mates as a young man.

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He elaborated: “I did that as a little camp kid in Swansea.

“Me and my gang of mates, when we were teenagers all belonged to the same youth theatre and that was one of our jokes.

It's a Sin guest
It’s a Sin is a hit with viewers and critics alike (Credit: Channel 4)

“There was some people out there who I haven’t seen for years who might watch this and go, ‘I used to do that, I used to go, La!’ How they explain that to their wives, I would love to know.”

The show’s creator continued: “They might have a funny way of saying ‘thank you’, or little nicknames for each other like this lot feminise each other’s names which we all used to do as little gay kids back in the 1980s.

stephen fry on it's a sin
Stephen Fry also stars in the hit drama series (Credit: Channel 4)

“There was a nod to that actually, that they’ve got a joke and runs throughout the rest of the episodes.

“As the decade goes on it wears out actually, as in-jokes do it gets slightly forgotten, but I wanted to do that to make them feel a bit more real.”

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