Is this proof that Harry is about to pop the question to Meghan?

Yay! It looks like there's going to be some news very soon indeed

If you listen closely you can hear the fingers of the nation tapping away in anticipation.

Anticipation of what, we hear you ask?

The announcement of a certain royal engagement, that’s what.

Yes, we are busy waiting for the gingerest Prince in the kingdom to pop the question to his princess-in-waiting, Meghan Markle.

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It’s been months now since we’ve known they’re an official item and there’s still not been a sniff of a ring being slipped on a finger.

But there are rumours that an announcement could be imminent.

Apparently there are some tell tale signs that are suggesting Harry is about to make an honest woman of the US actress.

Of course nothing has been confirmed by the Palace (they’ll keep it close to their chests until they’re ready) but that doesn’t stop us from having fun checking out the signs.

Here’s our checklist:

One: The couple recently shared a very public kiss at the polo! According to those in the know, enjoying this lip-lock in full view of the paps would suggest that they are in a very serious relationship.

Two: Meghan has long enjoyed a TV career starring in the show Suits, for example.

Now while most people would be taking full advantage of their association with royalty and trying to make something more of their career, she hasn’t.

Megan hasn’t done loads of interviews or agreed to take on roles from the inevitable castings she’s been offered.

Which can only mean the role she is currently happy to play is that of the girlfriend of our favourite ginger prince.

In fact, it’s been noted that she’s been rebranding herself as a caring so-and-so and was recently described in Time magazine as an “actress and humanitarian”.

Three: While she is yet to meet Her Maj The Queen, Megan has been formally introduced to other members of the Royal Family.

She’s met her soon-to-be in-laws Prince Charles and Prince William and she’s also hung out with Duchess Kate and Princess Eugenie, with whom she is said to be ‘very friendly’.

She’s also been allowed to attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding this coming weekend with Harry, so you can’t get much closer to the family than that!

Four: Megan has been rather prolific on social media over the years.

She has 1.6 million Instagram followers and 374,000 fans on Twitter and yet she barely posts a thing.

In fact, she has ditched her fun pics and comments of old and this year alone has only posted four pics and seven tweets – all with a political or worthy slant.

She also recently shut down her lifestyle blog The Tig.

Five: Apparently Meghan’s security in the US and Canada has been increased. According to reports she has protection officers surrounding her whenever she and Harry are out and she rides in a chauffeur driven car at all times.

So all these signs are enough to make those in the know believe that an engagement announcement is just around the corner. So let’s wait and see.

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Oh yes… and if they do plan to wed, there’s more good news. Meghan and Harry are able to do so in Westminster Abbey!

There had been a worry that because she had been married before there might be a problem in holding the big day there, just as the Queen and Prince Philip and William and Kate had before.

But the historic London landmark has confirmed that the couple would indeed be allowed to marry there.

We’d better get our hats out in preparation.