Is this message proof that Cheryl and Nadine’s feud is over?

There hasn't been much love lost between the former Girls Aloud stars

Could Nadine Coyle and Cheryl’s bitter feud finally be over?

Irish singer Nadine was the first of Cheryl’s former Girls Aloud band mates to post a message of good wishes on social media, after news of the birth of Cheryl’s son with Liam Payne.

“Congratulations @cherylofficial I am so so happy for you & your precious little boy & family!,” wrote Nadine. “Sending you loads of love!”

She had previously given her thoughts on Cheryl’s pregnancy. “I’m so, so excited,” said Nadine who has a daughter Anaiya, three. It’s the most exciting time, scary but wonderful.”

Referencing their past feud, Nadine added: “I haven’t seen her in a long time, I really, really haven’t. But I’m very, very happy for her and very, very excited for her.”

The two singers had fallen out after the band split in 2009, and subsequently slammed each other in interviews.

Nadine claimed that the other four Girls Aloud members had decided to take a break, without discussing it with her first.

She claims she learnt the news on the last night of her Ten: The Hits Tour. “Not one of them had breathed a word,” she said. “I know it sounds incredible but it’s true.

“I was in my dressing room getting ready when the management came in and said, ‘We need to talk to you. The girls want to split up the band and this is the statement they want to put out.’ I thought, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I don’t want the band to split up.’ They said, ‘We know you don’t, but that’s what’s happening.’”

Cheryl angrily hit back at the claims. “She’s full of it!,” she said. “She was the one who wanted to make a solo record. Which is why we took the hiatus. So she’s not now going to say that we broke up the band.”

The pair have both mellowed over the years, and Cheryl contacted Nadine when the Irish singer was pregnant.

“She sent a congratulations email. ‘It’s amazing you’re going to be a mummy…’ that sort of stuff,” revealed Nadine.

Nadine added that she was surprised when Cheryl got married to Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini.

“She didn’t tell me about her wedding,” she said. “I heard from one of my best friends who came to LA from the UK.

“He said, ‘Cheryl got married. Did you see?’ He had an English newspaper with him and I thought, ‘God, no way!’ It doesn’t mean we hate each other. It means life moves on.”

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