Is this how Corrie’s Anna Windass will leave?

There's lots of possibilities for her exit, but is heartbreak one of them?

Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush devastated fans this week when she announced she is leaving the soap.

And with show boss Kate Oates planning an explosive exit storyline for her, we can’t help wondering if it’s going to involve her relationship with Kevin Webster – and his wandering eye.

Kevin and Erica Holroyd have already shared a secret snog, but she’s determined to take their relationship to the next level next week.

Making him an offer he can’t refuse, can Kev keep it in his pants and stay faithful to partner Anna?

Kev is totally torn (Credit: ITV)

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Kev and Anna have been distant lately due to her reluctance to be intimate since her accident left her with severe burns.

Erica meanwhile is fed up with Dev taking her for granted (well, who wouldn’t be?) and wants some fun and excitement.

After a heart-to-heart with best pal Liz McDonald, Erica decides that’s exactly what she’s going to go for and that Kevin is the person to give it to her.

Rosie looks as shocked as us when Kevin asks for her love advice (Credit: ITV)

Kev on the other hand is confiding in daughter Rosie (because she’s likely to be trustworthy and keep her mouth shut!) that things aren’t good with Anna and he’s worried they’re going to split.

Whether or not Rosie has an decent advice for her dad remains to be seen, but he’s soon giving into temptation when Erica appears.

She reveals she’s booked them a swanky hotel room and they’re going to have some fun.

Will Erica get her man? (Credit: ITV)

He’s completely torn over whether to go or not, but instead of trying to sort things out with his other half, he gives in and decides to meet her.

“It looks like Kevin has made his decision and Erica is his choice,” a Corrie source told Inside Soap.

“When Anna and Dev find out what’s going on, there will be fireworks!”

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As Erica prepares for her passionate encounter with the grease monkey, Dev is planning a luxury treat for her all of his own.

She rejects his offer of the outing to go and meet Kevin at the hotel. She waits for her soon-to-be lover at the bar, but will he show up?

He’s cheated many, many, many times in the past on all his wives and girlfriends, but will he finally find it in him to stay faithful to Anna? Or is the temptation of Erica too much?

Debbie is departing next year (Credit: ITV)

Debbie, who’s played Anna for nine years, revealed news of her exit on the Coronation Street website.

“I’ve had an amazing nine years,” she said, “and the decision to leave was not made lightly.

“I love playing Anna and will miss working with the fantastic cast and crew.

“I don’t know what the future holds but I am excited to explore what other acting opportunities are out there.”

Is Anna set to discover Kev’s cheating ways and walk out on him?

Gary Windass, Anna’s son, is offered a job in the Ukraine next week – will Anna head off abroad with him after finding out Kevin’s no good?

Or will she fall victim to Pat Phelan again? He’s concentrating on trying to be dad to long-lost daughter, Nicola, but if Anna interferes in that and tells Nicola what Phelan’s really like, will he turn his attentions back to Anna – and kill her too?