Is this EastEnders character making comeback to confront Michelle?

This would be explosive

So Michelle’s dirty little secret is finally out in Albert Square.

News that the middle-aged teacher has been carrying on with 17-year-old Preston has been met with disgust by her family.

But viewers apparently don’t think she’s suffered nearly enough yet.

Some seem convinced we could see the return of her feisty daughter Vicki to confront her over her sordid behaviour.

One wrote on Twitter: “Why does she keep bringing up Vicki?? She talks about her so much.”

Another said: “This Michelle storyline needs spicing up, bring one of her children on!”

Michelle was mentioning her a hell of a lot in last night’s episode.

So is she tee-ing up her comeback to Walford? We hope so!

Vicki arrived in Walford in 2004 as a tearaway teenager and managed to get herself into enough scrapes during her year-long stay.

She got pregnant by sappy Spencer Moon and had a termination against his wishes.

She also had an affair with a college lecturer more than twice her age.

When she overheard her father, Dirty Den, admit that he loved his other, older daughter Sharon more than her, Vicki got the hump and legged it back to America.

Currently, Vicki is living in Australia with Spencer, where they run a bar.

She is not talking to her mum, after learning of her sexy shenanigans with her former pupil.

The character was played by Scarlett Johnson, who had a really dodgy US accent!