Is this David Beckham’s 20th anniversary present for Victoria?

The handsome ex footballer is supposedly planning to treat his wife to a very special anniversary gift!

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Imagine you had pots of cash and you wanted to lavish a loved one with a special gift to mark a special celebration, what would you buy them?

A telly box set?

A nice ring?

Or what about a private island all of your own???

If so, you’d better start looking down the back of your couch for some loose change.

Not that David Beckham has to worry about that!

According to the ever reliable Daily Star Sunday, David Beckham is planning to do just that and treat his wife Victoria to an island of her own to mark 20 years since they met.

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According to the paper’s report, the crinkly sporting legend was torn between three islands – but had a keen eye on 250-acre Bird Cay in the South Berry Islands, Nassay that would have cost him a snip at £7million.

A source says that the idea was to have a place where Victoria could feel comfortable sunbathing away from paps.

“David wanted to give her that gift of privacy to mark two decades since they first started dating, a place where she can be totally relaxed,” they told the paper.

“They love being on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, so for David this was the next logical step.”

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Wow, what a hubby, eh? How thoughtful!