Is EastEnders Louise set to be disfigured in acid attack horror?

Things are set to change forever

EastEnders prom night is set to turn to disaster tonight after school bullies Alexandra and Madison wreak havoc in revenge on Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell.

But things are set to go way, way too far and although EastEnders are keeping tight-lipped about the outcome, fans have already begun predicting what will happen.

It’s all smiles before prom night, but it won’t be for long (Credit: BBC)

Although earlier theories suggested Louise will be murdered when she’s pushed over the balcony, the latest school of thought is that she’s set to have acid thrown in her face and be left permanently disfigured.

It would certainly be a topical storyline, with the recent spate of attacks in London and the government announcing a review of the justice system in response to such attacks.

Katie Piper, herself a victim of the cruel crime, last week also penned an open letter about the affect her attack had on her life.

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So could that really be the fate that befalls Louise?

Having recently been snapped up by a modelling agency, it seems a sure thing that something will stop her being able to pursue her dream career.

Does an acid attack fit the bill? Fans are definitely convinced.

Last week, we reported that something very bad was set to happen to Louise and Bex at their prom night.

School bullies Alexandra and Madison are involved, and they’ve also roped nasty Keegan Baker into their plot.

And the trailer EastEnders released has made it very clear it’s going to be a night they’ll never forget for all the wrong reasons.

Bex and Louise have bagged themselves dates in the shape of Shakhil and Travis, and once Louise’s outfit crisis is sorted out the happy twosome are getting themselves dolled up for a night of fun.

The girls take extra special care over their appearance for the evening (Credit: BBC)

As the guys arrive to collect their dates it’s all smiles – even when they see their transport for the evening – Billy Mitchell in a clapped out three-wheeler. All class!

It’s fair to say the transport isn’t exactly a limo (Credit: BBC)

They arrive at the venue and teacher Mr Price gets things underway. The teens happily hang out as the band takes to the stage and it looks like they’re having a blast.

It’s party time – will Mr P get his groove on? (Credit: BBC)

But in the background is Keegan. He’s upset to see Louise with Travis after trying everything he could to ruin their relationship because he wants Lou for himself.

Jealous Keegan watches Louise with intent (Credit: BBC)

Wanting to ruin the night also are Alexandra and Madison. The school bullies clearly haven’t had enough of making Louise and Bex’s life hell with all the rumours and tormenting they’ve done, so now they want to step things up even further.

Alex and Mads are determined to ruin everyone’s evening (Credit: BBC)

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The teens are oblivious to what the girls are planning, but this time it’s huge. Teaming up with Keegan, they put their plan into action.

It’s fair to say even the girls don’t expect things to go as far as they do, but once things are spiralling out of control, they have no way of stopping them.

The clip sees the bullies plotting… and then Louise in agony on the floor… then Bex at hospital looking shell-shocked.

It’s been reported that Phil Mitchell is headed back to Walford. Could it be because Louise has suffered a terrible injury… or even worse?

We can’t wait!

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