Is Lee Ryan about to leave Albert Square?

The Blue blabbermouth may have let slip a plot secret...

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All rise! Former Blue singer Lee Ryan is now a soap actor and EastEnders lady fans only have one love.

Yes, we are 100 percent filling this with Blue songs! How many can you spot?

Now Lee’s been on the couch with Lorraine Kelly to talk about his latest storyline and the happy chappy was bubblin’.

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The actor caused a bit of a stir when he arrived as The Queen Vic’s new bar manager last month.

And last night it reached fever pitch when Mick walked in on Woody and Whitney after they’d been indulging in some rather saucy shenanigans.

Oh dear! It’s sad, so sad, it’s a sad, sad situation but sorry seems to be the hardest word in Walford and in tonight’s episode we will see the two fellas squaring up to each other

It ain’t going to be pretty, so it’s unlikely we are going to be able to, er, breathe easy.

But fun boy Lee says he has loved his time on the show and that it was a laugh during the fracas filming with Dyer:

“I loved it. I’m acting with Danny Dyer. How cool is that?

“To be honest, when we were doing the scene, he gets really…He goes for it. He’s very intense and at one point I was like, ‘[breathes out] I’m a bit overwhelmed by this, what am I going to do?’ and then he actually…”

And then Lee cut himself off, realising he was going to give away a show secret, which would have angered the highly secretive producers. “No, no, I almost said it,” he laughed.

Lovely Lorraine almost caught him out there, but then she asked him how he was enjoying the gift of working on Albert Square.

“It’s great. I’ve had the best time from start to…from the start of it.”

Hang on a sec. Is Lee talking like it’s all done and dusted there? Why the past tense? Fans were quick to spot his second Blue blunder.

“From start to…” I hope Lee isn’t gone….. #eastenders @bbceastenders #Lorraine,” commented one user.

Another posted: “@OfficialLeeRyan you nearly let the cat out the bag on @ITVLorraine.”

Let’s all thank goodness he isn’t a secret agent, we’d have no state secrets left! But Lorraine knows how to tease a few extra details out: “Don’t you say anything but I hope he stays there a wee while.”

Lee was careful not to fall into that trap, letting Lorraine’s hint fly by. “I hope so. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

One thing’s for sure, fans have loved seeing him back on their screens.

One posted: “I love Lee Ryan’s character Woody in #EastEnders let’s hope he gets to stay #Lorraine x”

Another said: “@OfficialLeeRyan I saw you on Lorraine I love your character Woody you are amazing.”

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“Just watched Lee Ryan on @ITVLorraine what a guy, made me laugh,” tweeted a third.

Let’s hope Lee does stay a while.

But even if the curtain falls, Lee, we’ll be happy…If you come back.

Did you spot all the Blue songs? We’re such fangirls.

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