Is Kieron Richardson LEAVING Hollyoaks?

It could be the end for the popular character

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As Amy Barnes is shockingly killed in Hollyoaks this week, her ex, Ste Hay, is at the top of the suspects list for her murder.

But if he is the killer, does that mean Kieron Richardson is set to exit the show as part of the storyline?

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In tonight’s Channel 4 episode, Amy’s wedding is ruined after Ste’s fling with Jean Paul is exposed, and we know from spoilers that Ste has a blackout before she is murdered. So he can’t remember anything when he came to.

At the end of the episode this evening, Ste discovered Amy planned to move with her new husband, Ryan Knight, and her kids, Leah and Lucas, to America, and he was fuming.

As the week’s episodes continue, a huge row explodes between him and Amy as he tells her she can’t take his children away. She feels guilty and doubts her decision, but tries to reason with him that he could still see Leah and Lucas.

She even lets him read them a bedtime story, but overhearing him with them only serves to put more doubt into her mind about going.

But when he begs her for one more chance, she remains strong and slams the door in his face – which prompts one of his blackouts to begin.

Amy is later found dead, but how is she killed? And is it Ste who is responsible for her death?

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Hollyoaks have filmed several different outcomes, but Ste is definitely one of the prime suspects.

Speaking to The Star On Sunday, Kieron explained:

“I honestly couldn’t be more proud of this week’s episodes.

“I feel like my whole career, the last 12 years of training, has been leading up to this point.”

But he also told OK! online that he doesn’t know how the story will end – or whether he’ll still be in the show when it does.

“We have filmed different endings,” he explained. “There’s several actors in the mix, petrified, and I’m one of them. It could be over for that character!”

He continued: “It’s one of those things, ‘Am I staying? Am I going?’ Nobody knows yet. It all happens with the story.

“I really am so happy with this week’s episodes and, touch wood, people will like them too.”

The actor has been on the show for more than a decade and has arguably gone through the most any soap character has ever experienced, including domestic violence storylines, an HIV diagnosis, and a drug addiction.

Hollyoaks without Ste? We’re not sure we’re ready for that.

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