Is Kate Connor’s new Coronation Street love interest newcomer Imogen?

Maybe it's not Rana after all...

There’s been a lot of speculation of late about Kate Connor’s new love interest in Coronation Street.

The person’s identity is set to surprise everyone and most fans – us included – are pretty much convinced it’s Rana Nazir. But are we all wrong?

New filming shots have shown it might be someone else entirely – namely newcomer Imogen.

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ED! reported earlier this month that the show was set to welcome its second disabled actor.

Melissa Johns – who has been campaigning for years to break down barriers so that more disabled actors can appear on screen and stage – has been spotted on set filming scenes for upcoming episodes of the soap.

Although no details have been released just yet, those watching filming believe her character name will be Imogen.

The scenes being shot in the centre of Manchester were set in a nightclub and featured Kate Connor, Luke Britton, Alya Nazir and Gary Windass – and the pretty blonde seemed to be getting very friendly with Kate in particular.

Could she be Kate’s new love interest?

But the show have been dropping some serious hints that it’s nurse Rana who actually catches Kate’s eye. Could Imogen just be a decoy to distract from what’s really going on with Kate and married Rana?

Kate and Rana have already been on a wild night out together earlier this year alongside Rana’s sister-in-law Alya Nazir.

Oh yes, did we forget to mention Rana is married to Zeedan Nazir? That would definitely make this a shocking pairing then.

The girls have been growing closer as Kate’s dad Johnny Connor dealt with his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Rana has been helping the family, Kate especially, come to terms with the news.

With Kate struggling to cope with her dad’s condition, and no one to talk to other than Rana, could comfort turn to passion?

Rana was a bit of a wild child when she first arrived in town, and marrying Zeedan seemed to calm her down all-too quickly. Could she be looking for a fling to spice things up?

Fans are certainly starting to think this is the direction things could be going in.

Actress Faye Brookes spoke about what’s coming up for Kate at May’s British Soap Awards.

Speaking to Radio Times, Faye revealed her character’s new love interest is set to “shock people”.

“Trust me, it’s not quiet any more,” she told the publication.

“We are ready to go for this year! I’m not going to give too much away, but there’s definitely something coming on the love life front.

“It’s going to shock people. I don’t think fans will guess who it is and neither will Kate, but I’m really excited and want to embrace it – and hopefully this time it will be for the long haul.”

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Her last girlfriend, Caz Hammond, turned out to be a complete psycho stalker who ended up faking her own death to get Maria Connor locked up.

And Kate’s dalliance with Sophie Webster hasn’t really led anywhere, with the pair denying their attraction and just staying friends.

So just who is it? Is Rana the woman for Kate? Or could Imogen be the one to light her fire?

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