Is Corrie’s Jenny about to find out what’s wrong with fiancé Johnny?

As Johnny Connor collapses on the Street, will his fiancée Jenny Bradley discover his health problems?

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Corrie’s Johnny Connor has been keeping his health worries to himself, after being dealt the devastating news that he could have Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Johnny’s kept quiet about his health concerns (Credit: ITV)

The factory boss has been suffering symptoms for weeks, but only went to the doctor when daughter Kate learned what was going on and made him get a check up.

Kate insisted he get checked out (Credit: ITV)

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Then when the GP showed concern and referred him for neurological tests, Johnny (played by Richard Hawley) made daughter Kate swear that she would keep the news secret from his son Aidan and fiancée Jenny.

Jenny has no idea what’s going on (Credit: ITV)

But as Johnny has another episode and collapses on the street in front of Jenny, could his secret be out?

Johnny has another episode (Credit: ITV)

The pair had been in the Rovers to meet with a jeweller and talk about wedding rings.

And as they leave the pub, Johnny’s symptoms flare up again and he stumbles and collapses on the cobbles.

Jenny wonders what’s wrong with him (Credit: ITV)

As Jenny has no idea what’s been going on with her beloved, she’s quick to assume that he’s just had one too many of Newton & Ridley’s finest and thinks he’s tipsy.

Jenny thinks he’s tipsy (Credit: ITV)

And Johnny – clearly scared and worried about what he could be facing – doesn’t put her straight.

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Whether it’s because he thinks she might not want to marry him if he is ill, or if he’s worried she would stay with him out of loyalty – who knows?

But one thing’s for sure, he won’t be able to keep this secret for much longer.