Is Catherine Tyldesley’s BIZARRE breakfast the key to her incredible figure?

The Corrie star has rather sophisticated tastes!

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Catherine Tyldesley loves giving fans an insight into the healthy eating and fitness regime that keeps her looking incredible – but her latest post has raised some serious eyebrows.

While the majority of us probably tuck into cereal, toast or porridge in the mornings, it seems the Coronation Street star goes for something far more sophisticated – seared tuna and asparagus.

Yes, you read that right.

Seared tuna and asparagus.

The actress – best known for playing Eva Price – uploaded a photo of her breakfast tuna (!) on a bed of asparagus with an accompanying tomato and olive salad

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And, as you’d expect, it wasn’t long before fans piled in to express amazement at her unusual breakfast choices.

“Thats lunch not breakfast!” said one.

“Breakfast?? I could just about face my crunchy nut cornflakes at this time of the day let alone a full blown meal,” added another.

“Breakie? I have buttered toast with ham lol,” said a third.

Catherine keeps fans updated on her healthy lifestyle via social media
Catherine keeps fans updated on her healthy lifestyle via social media (Credit: Instagram)

Catherine once revealed that she and personal trainer husband Tom Pitfield have a rule when it comes to food, telling The Mirror: “If it ran, swam or grew from the land, we eat it. We don’t eat processed food.”

Meanwhile, she’s in the middle of a huge storyline over at Corrie, after heartbroken Eva discovered her fiancé Aidan’s affair with Maria.

She found out the devastating secret because careless Aidan has his phone hooked up to the TV and a string of saucy messages between him and Maria popped up on screen while Eva was watching. Silly Aidan.

Eva is heartbroken by Aidan's affair with Maria
Eva is heartbroken by Aidan’s affair with Maria (Credit: ITV)

Now that Eva knows, she’s planning serious revenge and has vowed to take Aidan for all he’s got – while also keeping hidden from him and Maria the fact she’s on to them.

Actor Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan, told This Morning recently: “If I was Aidan I would run right now, that is a woman scorned. In past storylines she’s been quite a bunny boiler. She’s going to ruin me.

“She finds out I’m having an affair and decides not to tell me, but to go out and take everything I have.

“She’s very, very conniving, it’s really good.”

Eva is going to make Aidan suffer during an "extreme" revenge plot
Eva is going to make Aidan suffer during an “extreme” revenge plot (Credit: ITV)

Complicating matters is the fact Eva is pregnant with Aidan’s child, which has put him in a seriously tough place.

“He doesn’t know what to do now, it’s thrown another spanner in the works,” said Shayne.

“He really is stuck.”

Aidan and Maria's affair was rumbled by Eva - but they don't know yet
Aidan and Maria’s affair was rumbled by Eva – but they don’t know yet (Credit: ITV)

Catherine, meanwhile, has warned Inside Soap that Eva’s entire revenge plot is “pretty extreme” and she can’t see how it won’t backfire on the heartbroken lass.

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“If Eva was my mate, I’d advise her to walk away and show Aidan what he’s missing because this has got ‘backfire’ written all over it,” she said.

“Basically she wants to see him with nothing, and won’t stop until he’s hurting as much as she is.”

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