Irate GMB viewers convinced Piers Morgan accidentally gave away the ending to Liar

He revealed he's seen the whole series

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Piers Morgan appeared to reveal which character in hit ITV drama Liar would be unmasked as the liar, as he told Good Morning Britain viewers he’d seen the whole series.

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GMB were hosting a debate about the anonymity in rape cases, when Piers dropped his bombshell.

Piers and his co-host, Susanna Reid, were debating the key issues from the show with a lawyer and a rape victim, when he claimed he found it unfair that victims were granted anonymity, while the accused could be named.

He then declared that men who were falsely accused were actually victims too.

Piers said: “Men who are falsely accused are also real victims… Their lives are ruined.”

He then revealed he’d seen the entire series of Liar which stars Joanne Froggart as a teacher who accuses surgeon, Ioan Griffiths, of rape.

Piers’ passionate defence of Griffiths’ character, Andrew Earlham, was seen by many as a reveal that Froggart’s Laura, is the liar.

He added: “I’ve seen all of Liar. It [the issue of false accusations and being named] becomes a big issue and I urge people to keep watching as it does raise some important issues.”

The first episode saw Laura and Andrew enjoy a date, even sharing a kiss before Laura invited Andrew into her flat to charge his phone and call a cab.

She was then shown waking the following morning, fully dressed apart from her knickers, finding a text from Andrew thanking her for a wonderful night.

Laura was convinced that Andrew spiked the wine they were drinking in her flat in order to have sex with her.

She reported the incident to the police and Andrew was arrested – Laura then went on to write a scathing post about the night on Facebook, publicly outing him as a rapist.

In the second episode last week, Laura took the law into her own hands and broke into Andrew’s house, hoping to find something that would incriminate him after he denied the accusations.

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The bottle of suspicious looking liquid turned out to be insulin though and things looked even bleaker for Laura when Andrew received a mystery phone call, claiming she’d made similar accusations before.

Fans have theories about who’s lying, including a third party possibly being involved.

Good Morning Britain viewers were left annoyed over Piers’ comments about the drama and slammed him for possibly ruining it for viewers.

One tweeted: “I hope you haven’t just spoilt the end of liar for everybody Piers?”

“I think Piers Morgan has just given away the plot for the ITV drama (who is the liar),” another wrote.

A third said: “Piers just said he’s watched the whole of ‘liar’ and it is a big issue has he blinking given the outcome away she’s lied? Thank you.”

Liar continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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