“Invoice mum” terrified to leave home after receiving death threats

Sarah Bryan gave her friend a £325 bill over her daughter's scuffed shoes

The mum who caused outrage when she invoiced another mother £325 for her daughter’s scuffed shoes, has revealed she’s terrified to leave the house after receiving death threats.

Sarah Bryan believes Piers Morgan knowingly fuelled the public to lash out at her after ‘viciously bullying’ her on live TV.

The fashion designer told The Sun: “I’ve been getting so much abuse on social media with people telling me I should die and they want to kill me.

“I haven’t left the house since I got back from London [from my appearance on Good Morning Britain] and a friend has been taking my children to school.

“If people can say such horrible things online, I’m scared of what they can do in person? I am fearful, yeah.”

She added: “I already suffer with anxiety and this hasn’t helped.

“I haven’t spoken to the police – I’m just trying to ignore it all.”

Piers Morgan branded Sarah “the worst kind of parent” as she defended her decision to invoice her pal, comparing the damaged shoes to an injured child.

She was reduced to tears while trying to defend her decision to send the bill to her pal.

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Sarah continued: “Before the interview I was just told it’d be a debate on children’s parties and who’s responsible for them.

“I wasn’t prepared for anything like what happened.

“I stand by what I say that Piers is a vicious bully and I feel sorry for his children.”

She added: “Piers is setting an example to his children that bullying is okay and didn’t give me the chance to speak or tell my side of the story – which is why I agreed to go on the show.

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Good Morning Britain Sarah Louise Bryan clashed with Piers Morgan

“He knew the backlash I’d receive and he’s setting that standard.

“He’s still tweeting about it but said I’m the one wanting attention?”

When GMB came back from an ad break, Piers was adamant he was not wrong.

He said: “Susanna thought I went a bit too hard on that mum…I have to say I’ve given it a lot of reflection in the break and I’ve decided I was right.”

Oh, Piers!