This Morning interrupted as guest James Nesbitt’s phone goes off!

This wasn't the only awkward moment...

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There are certain times we all know we must turn off our mobile phones (or secretly switch to silent) – flights, cinemas, churches.

And for people who frequent live TV shows… then too!

Clearly this is something James Nesbitt forgot when he appeared on This Morning.

His interview came to a sudden halt as the Cold Feet star realised suddenly that his mobile was going off.

“That’s terrible, my phone is ringing,” he ‘fessed up, looking shocked.

Phil saw the funny side as the startled thesp admitted what was happening – the presenter even ordered him to pick up the call.

But, proving he’s just like the rest of us hating to answer when we don’t know who’s calling, the Irishman admitted: “It says it’s someone from Leeds. Don’t know who it is, must be a PPI thing.”

Ha, we’ve definitely all been THERE!

Sadly for him, the incident wasn’t enough to distract some viewers from an almighty gaffe he made during the chat.

James was talking about his role in Sky1’s Lucky Man, which is back for a second season.

He raved about playing a superhero created by the same man that created Superman.

The only problem was that Lucky Man was created by Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee, while Superman was invented by  writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster for rival DC Comics.

Comic fans being the passionate sorts they are, there was a right old Twitter outcry.

One outraged person typed out furiously: “James Nesbitt commits Comic Book Heracy, @DCComics @Marvel – like Saying Cantona played for Liverpool FC….#ThisMorning.”

“#ThisMorning someone needs to inform James Nesbitt superman is dc not marvel,” wrote another.

Someone else posted: “Research Research Research. Know the difference between @Marvel & @DCComics #ThisMorning.”

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