Instagram trolls tear into Lauren Goodger over her fruity beauty tip

Former TOWIE star mocked as she imparts wisdom

Poor Lauren Goodger – she tries giving people a bit of beauty advice, and she ends up getting slated for it.

The former TOWIE star, 30, posted a message on her Instagram page, giving fans the lowdown on her fruity beauty regime.

She revealed that she wipes a banana skin all over her face before going to bed at night, in an attempt to fend off acne and other things.

But her act of kindness appears to have backfired, with some cynics leaving less-than-flattering messages in her comments section.

Lauren Goodger/Instagram
The 30-year-old has 776,000 followers on Instagram (Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram)

“Everyone asking me about my banana skin treatment… get a ripe yellow banana and wipe all over your face and leave it on overnight,” she explained.

“It helps with ache [sic], kills bacteria and it’s antioxidant!”

“Enjoy… I can add some videos of [sic] you like, of homemade recipes.”

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She later engaged in a dialogue with her followers, in which she stated: “I don’t like bananas but the skins leave your face dry and don’t stain pillows etc.

“It’s worth a go but have to keep doing it for results. May sting a bit but that’s good xx

“Doesn’t smell at all, surprisingly! Trust me, I can’t eat an [sic] banana, [and] this doesn’t bother me x.”

Lauren Goodger/Instagram
Lauren’s beauty advice, as seen on social media (Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram)

Of course, the general rule is that if you say anything out of the ordinary on social media (and often if you don’t), the trolls will be on your case like a shot.

And accordingly, the Essex-born star was soon barracked for her efforts.

“Some people will do absolutely anything if it comes out of a so-called celebrity’s mouth,” commented one follower. “That’s gotta be a good idea for a new TV show, surely. Be quite funny.”

Another scoffed: “In 25 years of working in the aesthetics industry, I’ve never heard of any dermatologists recommending this.”

And a third follower was straight to the point, saying: “What a waste of a banana.”

Lauren, right, was one of the original TOWIE cast. (Credit: ITV)

That’s not to say that everyone dismissed Lauren’s advice, and a number of people appeared to be lapping up her suggestion.

One fan was clearly angry with the trolls, writing: “Why are people getting so stressed? Not like she has recommended rubbing bleach into your face. It’s a banana – totally natural and won’t hurt you! If it works, amazing. If not, you have lost nothing!”

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And another went one step further, actually giving the advice a go: “Tried this last night.. amazing! Good to see a celeb promoting a natural, non-profit product xx.”

Well, as someone who owns her own tanning and beauty range, you’d think Lauren would know what she’s doing.

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