Instagram fans fight over Binky Felstead’s parenting skills

Former Made In Chelsea star's baby pic causes bubble trouble

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It’s hard to believe that a picture of a baby having a bath could lead to a war of words, but that’s what happened after former Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead posted a photo of her daughter India on Instagram.

In the adorable snap, the tot is seen submerged up to her ears in bubbles, with just her cute little face peering through.

What’s not to like about that? Er, quite a lot, as it turns out…

And shortly after Binky shared it with the world, the comments section of her page erupted into bickering as fans crossed swords over the best baby practices.

Binky Felstead/Instagram
Binky posted this adorable photo of her daughter in the bath (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

The Londoner, 27, captioned the photo with a playful dig at her partner and former co-star Josh ‘JP’ Patterson, 28: “Hmmmm….. You can tell daddy ran the bath for bath time tonight!!!”

And most fans fell in love with the post, gushing over the bathing babe with adjectives such as “gorgeous”, “perfect” and “beautiful”.

But then things started to take a more serious tone, as one or two commentators issued a word of warning to the reality star.

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“Poor little India. Hope you managed to get the bubbles out of her ears!” wrote one.

Another added: “Careful with her ears. I’ve got a six-month-old and know we should keep their ears away from water while giving them a bath. They’re so little.”

Binky Felstead/Instagram
Motherhood has been a very public affair for Binky (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

“Well, that’s a load of [expletive],” responded one angry commentator. “You can take babies swimming as soon as they’ve had their [vaccinations], which you’re encouraged to do to let them swim underwater – so how do you explain that one?

“Plus, they’ve been living in a bag of water for nine months. She’s a first-time mum – let her find her feet without criticising.”

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Enter yet another dissenting voice, who seemed to take umbrage with the previous poster: “As someone who’s had swimmer’s ear, I wouldn’t be putting my child’s ears submerged in the water. The pain from the infection is excruciating.”

Argh, it’s just a picture of a baby – enjoy it!

Binky’s partner is her former Made In Chelsea co-star Josh ‘JP’ Patterson (Credit: FameFlynet)

Binky – real name Alexandra – and Josh have gone very public with their parenting journey, even making their own Made In Chelsea spin-off, Born In Chelsea.

And in July, they appeared on This Morning to speak about the series and becoming parents for the first time.

“You have these mothers that want to scare you and tell you it’s horrific,” Binky told Rylan Clark-Neal and Alison Hammond. “I’m hoping people watch the show and see that it’s not terrible.”