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Sunday 12th July 2020

Ant McPartlin: "I'm not an alcoholic"

He won't banish booze forever

Following his release from rehab, Ant McPartlin has spoken of the sheer relief of admitting to his problems and getting help.

“From the moment I went in there was a massive sense of relief because they [painkillers] didn’t have control over me any more," he revealed in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

“When I first went in I was so bad I was just happy to have someone looking after us.

“They changed all the meds — started managing it.”

Ant made a positive decision to go to rehab (Credit: Wenn)

Ant had sought help primarily for addiction to a cocktail of painkillers, but also his alcohol consumption, which had increased over the years as he battled pain from a knee injury.

And he was happy to receive some good news from doctors.

“The great thing is I spoke to a lot of the medical team and I’m not an alcoholic. I was just drinking too much to numb the pain," he confirmed.

I’m looking forward to having a pint. God, yes!

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“It was never crazy — I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and have a drink. But it was the mixing pills with alcohol that was deadly.

“I’ve taken a little break from booze — I’ve done two months and I’ll do a little bit longer.

"But I’m looking forward to having a pint. God, yes!

“I can’t go to Australia and not have a cold one at the surf club with Dec like we normally do.

“That’s something to look forward to but I have to get well first.”

Ant with Dec in Australia (Credit: ITV)

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Spot that mention of Australia? Great to see he already has a return to TV for I'm A Celebrity in his sights!