I’m A Celeb’s Scarlett branded a love cheat!

Ex claims she was a naughty girl

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Scarlett Moffatt has been branded a love cheat!

Charming eh?

Yes, a headline-grabbing ex has only gone and crawled out of the woodwork to bleat on about how his heart was once broken by a naughty Scarlett.

Richard Cull, who is now loved up with someone else and should really have moved on, dated the I’m A Celeb favourite for eight months back in 2013 after they both met on the set of MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs.

However, it wasn’t long before love’s young dream turned sour.

Handsome Richard claims that he was devastated when he found messages from another man on Scarlett’s phone, forcing him to call time on their relationship and leaving him in a “dark place”.

The Cardiff-based personal trainer told the Mirror: “She cheated on me, to put it bluntly. There was a lot of drama.

“It ended very sour. It was toxic and it took me months to get over her,” he has sensationally  revealed.

However, Richard also revealed that before she entered the jungle, Scarlett dropped him a line to make sure everything was just fine – and no doubt to ensure that he didn’t sell any stories to the press while she was away!

“We didn’t speak for three years but it was a very positive email,” he said. “She said she was just seeing how I was.

“I wished her the best and I’m glad she seems happy.”

Richard’s revelation comes just days after another ex, Ian Billett, revealed that he had broken up with Scarlett because he felt they were in different places as she became more and more well known from appearing on Gogglebox.

Scarlett is now dating the very handsome barber Luke Crodden, who in last night’s episode reduced her to tears in a letter from home.

In it, he wrote, “Bonnie [her dog] goes crackers every time you are on so much so she pi**ed on me Mam’s leg…keep being you my beautiful little weirdo.

“Me and the whole of the North East are behind you, miss you so much and love you all the world.”

Awww. I’m A Celeb rumbles to its conclusion on Sunday!

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