I’m A Celeb’s Adam Thomas at breaking point

The strain of camp life is getting too much!

Poor Adam, he’s normally the one making the jokes but the tables have turned.

I’m A Celebrity star Martin Roberts has wound him up a right treat!

The Emmerdale actor now looks like he is about to lose it…

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Martin has been annoying pretty much everyone on the show but he’s now been adopted by the girls.

This turnaround began when the Homes Under The Hammer presenter was in the dunny whilst Scarlett and Sam were waiting outside.

When he’d finished on the loo, the Gogglebox lass said: “Do you wanna join our girl gang?”

“Yeah, that would be great, I could be an honorary girl,” said Martin.

Scarlett said: “We lose members very quickly.”

Don’t you just love her?! She is too funny.

Later on, she boasted to Adam that Martin was joining their group now and it all escalated from there. Obviously Carol chimed in and said excitedly: “Yeah, he’s in our gang now!”

Are these lot back at school?

As soon as Adam heard the terrible news, he seemed pretty annoyed because Martin was his boy, even if he did wind him up!

Martin chose to take his new role pretty seriously and chose to tell all of the girls individually (by whispering into their ears like a 12-year-old) that Adam shaves his chest.

Smiley Adam was not enjoying it and had to have a chat with the Bush Telegraph: “He’s talking about me and he won’t tell me what it is but all the girls know. Now I’m getting really paranoid.”

He kept trying and trying to find out what everybody was whispering about but all he got out of Martin was: “No, it’s girlie stuff!”

As Scarlett laughed, she said: “Adam can give it but he can’t take it.”

Adam then begged Martin but it fell on deaf ears.

Adam’s face at that point was a corker…

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“Don’t put me in a position where I have to choose between a bromance and a girlie bond, it’s not fair.” said Martin.

“He’s like my annoyingly little brother, he’s so annoying but you gotta love him,” said Adam. “I’ll break his nose in a minute.”

Deary deary, the lengths this lot will go to to stop them from getting bored.