I’m A Celebrity plunged into crisis by jungle camp owner

As the saying goes, "Get off my laaaaand!"

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Make the most of I’m A Celebrity, this might be the last year for the show as we know it – perhaps the last time that Ant and Dec take a trip to that Australian jungle clearing.

It has been reported that the owner of the land in Dungay Creek, Queensland has become “sick and tired” with ITV producers.

It seems that it’s their behaviour and that of the celebrities that inhabit the camp during November each year, that has annoyed owner Craig Parker.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: “The relationship between Craig and the bosses has badly broken down.

“He’s always found hosting the show on his land frustrating, but in the past has considered it worth the money they throw at him.

“But this year’s different.

“There have been lots of small squabbles in which he feels his opinions have been totally ignored.

“He is sick and tired of having the cast and crew there. He can pretty much name his price.

“But so far he is adamant he will not be changing his mind.”

The source then added: “A senior member of staff recently checked out a possible camp in Sydney, but it was far too expensive.”

Apparently, ITV have already been scouring the world for another location, with South Africa a favourite but the time difference make it difficult.

ITV told The Mirror: “We have a good relationship with the owner of the site and we’re currently on our 15th series in that location.”