I’m A Celeb’s Toff goes make-up free on This Morning to highlight her skin troubles

Dared to bare to highlight the issue

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She’s admitted her acne-prone skin is her biggest insecurity and almost stopped her appearing on I’m A Celebrity.

And Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo plucked up the courage to reveal just how bad her skin can be on today’s This Morning, in the hope it can show others nobody is perfect.

Toff spoke to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her skin on today’s This Morning (Credit: ITV)

She told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “Now I am in the limelight a bit more I don’t want people who follow me to think, ‘Toff is perfect, she’s got it all’, when really I just mask my imperfections.

“I think it’s important we celebrate those and not think ‘oh that’s bad, she’s got spots’.”

Toff said after being crowned Queen Of The Jungle, she finally has the confidence to talk about the issue which has made her feel down for so long.

The reality TV star said she’s used foundation to ‘mask her imperfections’ (Credit: ITV)

She admitted it nearly even stopped her from going on I’m A Celeb, as campmates are forbidden to have luxury items like make-up.

The 23-year-old Made In Chelsea star said: “The lowest point I’ve ever had with regards to my skin was the day before I was due to go into the jungle. I was already in Australia, ready to go – my skin was so bad, I cried a lot.

“I came to the decision that I couldn’t face being on the television so exposed without my foundation. Thankfully because it’s been a medical condition for so long, I was allowed foundation. But I can’t believe my spots almost prevented me from doing something I wanted to do for so long.”

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She added that cruel trolls who point out how bad her skin is also make her feel worse about it.

Toff spoke to expert Dr Anjali Mahto to see if anyone could be done to help her skin condition (Credit: ITV)

“I have read so many disgusting comments from trolls – ‘pizza face’, ‘enormous craters’, ‘no amount of foundation will ever cover up that girl’s spots’. It is disgusting.

“When people pinpoint something that you have a real confidence issue with, it’s the worst thing in the world,” she said.

After trying to change her diet and lifestyle but still having flare-ups, Toff decided to visit skin expert Dr Anjali Mahto at her clinic in Chelsea to see what she would advise.

The MIC star washed off her make-up so the doctor could examine her skin (Credit: ITV)

She admitted she hasn’t done this before as “sometimes my skin has been so bad I was embarrassed to seek help.”

It was there she was told she would have to remove all her foundation so the doctor could examine her skin, and Toff allowed the cameras to keep rolling.

She also shared some pictures of her face taken the previous week when she’d had a particularly bad breakout.

The doctor recommended Toff take medication after seeing the condition of her skin (Credit: ITV)

Dr Mahto told her: “There is a bit of scarring and red marking which is telling me the spots you are getting are quite deep and inflammatory in nature.”

She recommended Toff start taking prescription medication to tackle the problem.

Toff also shared pictures of how her face looked recently after a particularly bad breakout (Credit: ITV)

The reality TV star said she hopes the drugs will help and she will report back to This Morning in the future with her progress.

Toff reminded viewers to talk to their doctor before starting any form of treatment.

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She also said she’s going to start visiting schools so she can talk to young people about how to be “confident in their own skins.”

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