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I’m A Celeb’s Ferne McCann hits back at toe criticism

She found the attention all rather hilarious!

Former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Ferne McCann has hit back after a new Instagram photo raised eyebrows.

The reality star is currently sunning herself on holiday with five-month-old daughter Sunday and her old TOWIE pal Danielle Armstrong.

Naturally, the social media-loving star has been sharing a string of updates with fans of their sun-soaked trip abroad.

Instagram @fernemccann
Ferne McCann shared this picture of herself and baby Sunday – but some fans noted something odd (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

One picture showed Ferne sitting on steps in the shallow end of a swimming pool, doting on her little baby girl who is fascinated by a rubber duck Ferne is holding.

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The beautiful image received hundreds of compliments from admiring fans, but others couldn’t help pointing out something a bit unusual…

Instagram @fernemccann
Ferne later shared a close up of the toe that caused all the furore! (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

Ferne’s big toe on her right foot seemed vastly out of proportion to the rest of her tootsies, especially in comparison to the big toe on her left foot!

One fan wrote: “The feet, I’m crying!”

Another said: “Look at her feet, I’m wetting myself!”

Instagram @fernemccann
Ferne said it was just the pool water distorting her reflection (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

A third asked: “What’s happening with those feet.”

And a fourth said: “Ferne love the pic but your right big toe is masssssive !!!!!!”

Others spoke out in defence of Ferne, with one pointing out: “Clearly the water is making her feet look like that…. what a bunch of donuts!!”

(Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)
Ferne said she found the attention on her toe hilarious (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

And, well, that’s exactly what happened, as Ferne later took to Instagram Stories to discuss the barrage of remarks about her feet.

“I see the foot police are back out in force and me and Dan have been absolutely dying!” she laughed.

“So, I posted a picture of me and Sunday and started seeing a few comments. I get it. I totally get it!”

Instagram @fernemccann
Ferne shared a picture to show her big toes are both the same size! (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

Ferne then shared a close up image of her feet in the Instagram pic, saying: “They look absolutely nuts! But I haven’t got bad feet. In fact, people in my life have actually told me I have really cute feet.

“I think that what’s happened here, plain and simple, is the water reflection has made my toe look humongous, and the other one look like it’s been FaceTuned to its heart’s content!”

Ferne then shared a look at her feet when they aren’t in water – perfectly normal!

Instagram @fernemccann
Ferne is currently on holiday with friend Danielle Armstrong (Credit: Instagram @fernemccann)

She said: “I mean, yeah, the second toe is longer than the other one, but I think I have quite cute feet. They don’t look like what they do in the picture!”

Meanwhile, Ferne’s not the only former TOWIE star to have her feet scrutinised on social media in recent times.

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Megan McKenna previously had to deny she had six toes after an Instagram photo caught her at a funny angle.

She raged: “Just to clarify to you stupid idiots. I have 5 toes on each foot. It’s actually so sad that people troll me so much. And make me feel the need to delete photos and get upset over stuff. When an angle can look weird and make it look different. You can all clearly see that my feet are normal.”

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