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Thursday 4th June 2020

I'm A Celebrity: Viewers elated as Ian and James only get six stars

The Alpha males of I'm A Celebrity, James Haskell and Ian Wright, faced a joint trial tonight.

Feeling confident ahead of the Deadly Dungeon, they declared themselves Team Raskell.

"I don’t know what the deadly dungeon is but at the end of the day, the dungeon don’t know about the Raskell," Ian boasted.

But Raskell had no idea what was ahead...

The dungeon was made up of a series of rooms and tunnels with 12 stars hidden throughout.

Easy, right? Not so much. They were to do the Trial in pitch black and they wouldn’t be able to see a thing,  navigating themselves around the dungeon via touch alone.

The lads were shackled  to each other so they didn’t get separated while navigating the pitch black dungeon.

They got off to a good start, with them managing to find a star on the floor.

But then they crawled into a tunnel with crabs inside and missed one, unable to see or feel it.

Crabs! Crabs everywhere! (Credit: ITV)

And then something unexpected happened... Ian started to squeal like a toddler!

Another tunnel had spiders in and again Team Raskell failed to find any stars.

They felt around for more stars in the next room, but missed yet another.

The entire nation laughing at Ian screaming in the tunnel.

And then they had crawled back to their starting room by accident as Ian continued to scream.

At one point he inexplicably began begging Jesus and then Tom Cruise - Tom Cruise! - for help.

More misses followed before Dec called time.

Ian was annoyed they hadn’t got all the stars; they counted them out and they’d got 6 stars out of 12.

Viewers were too busy laughing, though, amazed by Ian's behaviour in the tunnels...

Others were elated that they only got six stars...

Some, meanwhile, branded Ian a sore loser.