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I’m A Celebrity contestants who have fainted or vomited during Bushtucker trials and challenges

Celebs who just couldn't hold it in

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I’m A Celebrity puts their contestants through a lot of rough challenges, especially with the Bushtucker trials

Sometimes it can get so difficult for the celebs that their bodies just can’t handle it anymore.

Here are some of the most shocking moments where a celeb has either fainted or vomited on the show.

Gillian McKeith faints on I’m A Celebrity

Who could forget the iconic moment where Gillian McKeith fainted on live television.

Moments before her live Bushtuker trial, the nutritionist started to faint and required assistance from Medic Bob.

This meant that she could no longer participate in the trial which made viewers furious since they spent 50p to vote for her to take part.

Jordan North on I'm A Celebrity
Jordan North threw up moments before he abseiled down a cliff (Credit: ITV)

Jordan North

After discovering that his first ever trial on I’m A Celeb was abseiling down a cliff, Radio 1 presenter Jordan North freaked out.

Last year marked the first time I’m A Celeb had to relocate to North Wales.

This meant that there wasn’t as much opportunity for I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker trials as in Australia.

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They did, however, manage to pull off a daring Abseiling trial that required contestants to plummet off a cliff and collect backpacks for camp.

Before even starting the trial, Jordan North had a freak-out and vomited everywhere. Yuck!

Fredie Starr gets food poisoning on I'm A Celeb
Freddie Starr got food poisoning from eating a fermented egg (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Freddie Starr

During the Frightening Feasts trial Freddie Starr had to be taken to hospital for suspected food poisoning.

After eating a rather dodgy fermented egg, Freddie Starr started to feel so unwell that he collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital.

Unfortunately this meant that he couldn’t return back to camp and finish the show.

Jessica Plummer vomits on I'm A Celeb
Jessica Plummer vomited after drinking a horrible blend of creepy crawlies (Credit: ITV)

Jessica Plummer

EastEnders star Jessica Plummer started to feel unwell after taking part in a vomit-inducing trial.

During the Sickening Stalls trial Jessica Plummer and Shane Richie had to collect as many stars as they could by drinking horrible concoctions of blended critters.

One was even a blended sheep’s testicle!

After giving it her all, Jessica suddenly vomited while Shane held her hand to make sure that she was okay.

Natalie Appleton on I'm A Celeb
Natalie Appleton gasped for air after her trial on I’m A Celeb (Credit: ITV)

Natalie Appleton

Singer Natalie Appleton was lost for air after her frightening Bushtucker trial.

This required her to stand on a tightrope and push a shopping trolly along to collect the stars.

Throughout the trial Natalie was freaking out and at one point she even called for her ‘mummy’.

After finally completing it, she struggled to breathe and required an oxygen mask from Medic Bob.

Jorgie Porter on I'm A Celebrity
Jorgie Porter struggled to chow down on a crocodile penis (Credit: ITV)

Jorgie Porter

Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter threw up on I’m A Celeb after dining on cockroaches and crocodile penises.

For the Disaster Chef Bushtucker trial Jorgie and Lady C had to eat a bunch of gruesome dishes served by Ant and Dec.

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Even though it was hilarious to watch, it led to horrific consequences as Jorgie started to vomit.

“I feel very sick” said Jorgie, as she threw up afterwards.

Andy Whyment on I'm A Celeb
Andy Whyment threatened to vomit on I’m A Celeb (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Andy Whyment

During the Bushtucker Bonanza, Andy Whyment struggled to keep down a pig testicle.

In order to win meals for camp, the Corrie star had to chow down this revolting flesh.

It got so bad that he even threatened to throw up!

Even though he didn’t actually vomit, he still frightened Ant and Dec and everyone watching at home as he started to gag.

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