I’m A Celeb star admits they “hammed up” their reactions during Bushtucker Trial

It wasn't as "bad" as they made out

I’m A Celebrity ended more than a week ago but revelations about what happened behind the scenes in the jungle keep coming.

The debate over whether or not there was any bullying going on in camp continues to rumble on as Iain Lee has opened up about a number of confrontational conversations he had with Jamie Lomas and Dennis Wise which weren’t aired.

Iain Lee’s final Bushtucker Trial involved eating and drinking some disgusting sounding dishes (Credit: ITV)

Now the radio host has revealed that not everything he did on the show was as it seemed.

He has admitted that he exaggerated his reactions in his final Bushtucker Trial where he had to eat unpleasant meats including a pig’s vagina and camel’s brain and drink a smoothie of blended critters.

Speaking on his TalkRadio show yesterday, he told a caller: “Can I let you into a secret? The eating trial wasn’t that bad. I was kind of hamming it up a bit.

The radio host admitted he “hammed up” his reaction to the pig’s vagina – but the camel’s brain did make him feel sick (Credit: ITV)

“It wasn’t that bad. The tastes weren’t that bad. What it was, it was the texture.

He added: “The pig’s fanny was fine – it was not a problem at all. It was tiny.”

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But he said the camel’s brain was as disgusting as he made out, and it still makes him feel sick if he thinks about it.

Iain admitted the pig’s vagina didn’t taste too bad (Credit: ITV)

The eating challenge was Iain’s final one on the show and his last opportunity to win over fans as they voted for their King or Queen of the Jungle.

In the end, he lost out on second place by less than one per cent of the vote to Jamie Lomas, who was aided in his final trial by a snake landing on his face which stunned viewers.

But neither came close to winning as Georgia “Toff” Toffolo stole the hearts of the nation and won the public vote every night, then taking more than 70 per cent of the final votes.

The radio host came third on the show and said he did it to raise awareness of his show (Credit: ITV)

As Iain has now admitted he “hammed up” his final Bushtuckter Trial, it begs the question, were his other reactions exaggerated when he failed in the Temple Of Gloom trial and in one of the Dingo Dollar Challenges?

It seems unlikely as in both of those he was facing fears over water and heights and he needed to be given oxygen by medics after he panicked in the underwater trial.

Another of Iain’s trails was the Temple Of Gloom which he quit after panicking about being underwater (Credit: ITV)

Iain admitted on his exit that he went in the jungle to raise awareness of his radio show and he’s certainly done that.

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“So many new callers and new listeners! Thank you so much! I am thrilled that me eating a pigs vagina has brought new ears over to talkradio,” he tweeted yesterday.

He also addressed the bullying row again on social media and insisted there is no hard feelings between him and Dennis Wise.

“I’ve been texting @denniswise. He’s sorting out football tickets for me and my boys. No beef there,” he wrote.