If you thought Love Island was bad, check out the German version!

Just when you thought reality TV was sex-obsessed enough...

TV is pretty shocking nowadays but this has just taken a turn for the worst.

Remember when viewers went mental at the fact that Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams had sex on the ITV show?

Ofcom had to investigate as it was shown JUST after watershed.

However, if ITV has aired the German version first, oh boy, oh boy, it would be an entirely different story.

This one makes the UK edition look PG!

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In Germany, both male and female stars were on their worst possible behaviour, and were walking around completely starkers without a care in the world.

They should probably rename the show Nude Island, or Love Island X-Rated because there’s a ridiculous amount of skin, lumps and bumps on the show.

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Supposedly, according to the producers, constant nudity is a prerequisite of being on the show and the fame-hungry stars are MORE than happy to oblige and follow the rules.

Doing everything naked makes all the menial tasks look very raunchy. Carrying open coconuts full of water and doing the laundry just don’t look innocent when you’re naked.

There was one part in the last show where two contestants are sent on a date, and guess what? They gave each other naked massages…

One couple were seen just sitting there groping each other, and in another scene the group sat together relaxing on a hammock butt naked, because that’s completely normal.

Please ITV, do not take a leaf of out this book.

We think that would be the end of reality TV as we know it…