EastEnders’ Ian and Cindy Beale reunited!

And they look so happy together

EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt has reunited with one of his (many!) on-screen wives, 20 years after she left the BBC One soap.

Adam was snapped with actress Michelle Collins last night at the launch of Michelle’s new skincare range.

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Michelle, 55, played scheming Cindy Beale for over decade, before she was sent to prison for hiring a hitman to kill Ian. She died in prison while giving birth to Cindy Jr.

Cindy and Ian had one of the Square’s most turbulent relationships in whole history of ‘Enders – and that’s really saying something.

She famously had an affair with Simon Wicks and fell pregnant, lying to Ian that baby Steven was his.

Cindy later gave birth to Ian’s twins, Peter and Lucy, before trying to kidnap them and flee to Italy.

But despite the history of their characters, Adam and Michelle looked overjoyed to be reunited.

They had a laugh in front of photographers, with Michelle even jokingly applying some of her face cream on Adam.

Ian might have a vacancy for a wife, following the shock departure of Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) last month, but Michelle previously ruled out a return to the Square.

Even though Kathy Beale was brought back from the dead for EE’s big 30th anniversary, Michelle doesn’t think fans would find a resurrection of Cindy believable.

She previously told the Sun Online: “I don’t know whether people would buy it though. She is dead. I’ve always dismissed it because she’s been dead so in a way they sort of did me a favour because I can never really go back.

“But in a way I think I’d spoil it if I go back…

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“It’s quite nice having that mystery about her, it’s flattering that people still remember her and that’s she’s become this iconic sort of character really.”

 Michelle also played landlady, Stella Price, in Coronation Street.