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“I love all my kids, even though Harvey… Anyway, whatever…”

Katie Price appears to make drunken slur about her son in party clip

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Poor Katie Price is never going to live down the Christmas party appearance she made this week.

As we reported yesterday, the saucy glamour gal caused a rumpus at the EnergySave Christmas bash where she supposedly turned up legless, flashed her boobs and all sorts!

Now it has emerged that the party was filled with even more Katie scandal.

According to party goers Ms Price embarked on a foul-mouthed rant, including an apparent slur against her beloved son Harvey!

“I love all my kids…” she rambled. “…even though Harvey… anyway. Whatever.”

We’re not entirely sure what she was going to say, but it sounds like she may have become distracted or more likely probably thought better of the sentence she was about to say in case it sounded negative toward to her son.

Of course, we don’t think she was trying to be mean about her beloved Harvey, as we all know how much she loves her son, who suffers from Pradar-Willi syndrome, autism, ADHD and blindness.

But there’s more.

According to other eye-witnesses at the event, Katie was – believe it or not – even more “obnoxious” to other revellers at the festive bash!

EnergySave’s boss Jason Rowan says he was horrified by comments Katie made on the night and is intent on getting some kind of refund on the £13,000 he paid her to attend.

“It was so embarrassing,” he told the Sun. “She made a terrible remark to a woman with short hair about cancer and then stripped off in the ladies’ loo in front of several women including my 16-year-old daughter who she swore at.

“Everybody couldn’t wait to see the back of her. I want a refund because she spoiled the party rather than enhanced it. But I don’t suppose in reality I will see a penny of it.”

The angry businessman forked out a whopping £100,000 in total for the do.