Hysterical EastEnders viewers mock Bernadette

Like mother, like daughter

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There are lots of things that can be passed down from parents to their children, like eye colour, hair colour and even earlobe shape. But one thing we didn’t know was hereditary is the inability to wear a bra correctly.

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EastEnders fans have already spoken out – loudly – about how annoying they find Karen Taylor’s omnipresent bra-strap situation, and now it looks like daughter, Bernadette, has inherited the deficiency too.

Viewers flocked to Twitter during last night’s episode which saw the schoolgirl getting ready to meet someone, with her bright pink bra-strap halfway down her arm – just like her mum.

Some pleaded with her to have a fiddle with the little plastic bit that tightens the straps up.

Others pointed out that it must be a family thing.

Many wondered if it was because, fashion?

But mostly, people just really wanted the whole bra-strap situation to just stop. Please.

Bernadette, who recently lost the baby she was carrying, was planning a day date with her boyfriend Callum. She got herself glammed up for the occasion, but fans just couldn’t cope with the fact she was following in her mum’s footsteps a bit too closely.

She was left heartbroken later when Callum cancelled on her, sobbing in her bedroom – with the bra-strap still on full display.

But the teen wasn’t down for long as she pounced on a rather stunned Shakil Kazemi – her brother, Keegan’s best mate – and snogged him in the lounge.

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Forget about the boys though, we think what Bernie and Karen really need is a storyline where they have some quality mum and daughter time.

In the fitting room at Marks and Spencers.

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