HUGE twist ‘revealed’ for new series of Celebrity Big Brother

Well, this would be a major departure from the norm!

After 20 series of Celebrity Big Brother, it’s fair to presume we’ve seen pretty much every ‘shock’ twist imaginable.

Fake evictions? Been there, done that. Killer nominations? Yawn. Winning immunity from the public vote? Whatevs. Late arrivals? Move along…

So when reports emerged of yet another ‘shock’ twist in the works, it didn’t exactly feel like ground-breaking news…

Could Emma be presiding over an all-female house? [Credit: Channel 5]
But actually, the rumoured CBB twist in question would be pretty epic – and a HUGE talking point – if Channel 5 bosses manage to pull it off.

So, what is this twist, you ask?

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Well, according to The Sun, plans are underway to cast an entirely female series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Yup, you read that right. Just women. Lots of women locked up in a house together with no men. That would be calm and drama-free, right? *sarcasm alert*

Sarah Harding won the last CBB [Credit: FameFlynet]
A source said the women-only series of CBB would be to coincide with programming to mark the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage.

The insider snitched: “They are keen to cast opinionated women like Germaine Greer over no-mark reality TV girls who look good but have little to say or bring to the conversation.

“Bosses are expecting cat fights galore, plenty of tension and clashing personalities.”

Though, we reckon the whole not casting “no-mark reality TV girls” would be the major twist!

Naturally, the idea of an all-female version of Celebrity Big Brother has everyone talking – though not necessarily in a good way.

One person tweeted: “It would only be a surprise if they announced there would be no big changes or the house WASN’T being ROCKED to its core.”

Another said: “Are actual celebrities gonna appear? That would be a huge change….”

Others, however, were more optimistic about the idea, with one tweeting: “I do think that an all-female series would be interesting. It would also make headlines, & get the show publicity = ratings up?”

Another added: “I actually hope this is true the female contestants are always my favourite CBB but I would rather see a full all stars.”

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If the rumour is true, it wouldn’t be the first time Big Brother experimented with an all-female house.

A twist during the Big Brother 8 launch night saw just women entering the house, with the male housemates arriving here and there from day three onwards.

But a whole three or so weeks with just women? That would be a major change!

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