How the Queen could split Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

An old law could keep the loved-up couple apart!

The world is so giddy about the blossoming relationship between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle that we simply cannot wait for them to get hitched.

And their relationship must be pretty serious because Hazza broke with protocol and decided to confirm his relationship with the American actress last November, which meant that she was more than just a fling.


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But that’s not all! If rumours are to believed, Harry has met Meghan’s parents and she has met her rather intimidating in-laws.

However, there is one person the glam gal is yet to be introduced to.

And we reckon its the one person she’d be most nervous to meet.

Yes, that’s right. Her Madge the Queen.

And she has every reason to be a bit scared because QEII could potentially cause the giddy pair a spot of bother.

Now we all know the old-fashioned idea that a bride’s father is supposed to be asked for permission to wed his daughter.

Now Harry doesn’t have to worry about that – he has a slightly different problem of his own.

If he plans to marry his amour, he has to ask the permission of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, before he can pop the big Q!

Yes in 2017, the poor fella still has to ask his nan if he can get hitched to the girl of his dreams.

Why? Well, it’s all to do with history and the The Royal Marriages Act, a law that dates back to 1772, and was passed by King George III after he disapproved of his brothers’ marriages.

Reigning monarchs must grant approval to direct descendants.

So if the Queen does not approve of Meghan, then, technically, Haz wouldn’t be able to marry her! Ohh!

Of course we are jumping the gun, as the couple haven’t been together for very long.

And from what we can see Harry is as happy as a pig in mud, so we reckon that if he were to pop the Q, then the queen would only be too happy to grant their wish for blissful happiness.

And better still, Liz has never denied a wedding proposal up to now, so Meghan shouldn’t be too worried. So it looks very likely indeed that wedding bells could be sounding out across London one day very soon.

Oh, and Meghan – if you’re worried that you haven’t met her majesty yet, rest assured that it’s not personal. Your future sis-in-law, K-Midd had to wait four years before she got an introduction. So chill your pants!

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