How rude! Robbie Williams caught out in apparent dig at loyal fans

He made a clean break of it this New Year

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Poor Robbie Williams.

No sooner had the clock struck midnight than the singer found himself under attack by nasty TV viewers.

Why? Because he was caught using an anti-bacteria hand sanitiser just seconds  after taking part in a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne LIVE on TV.

The occasional Take That singer was spotted rubbing his hands clean and pulling a face that suggested that he had found his interaction with the crowd – performing that traditional hand-shaking move to the classic New Year’s anthem – a slightly icky scenario.

Of course eagle-eyed viewers who were stuck at home on their sofas with nothing much else to do than tweet, spent the rest of the night taking a pop at the Robster.

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One cheeky scamp called Hugh Jordan actually rewrote the lyrics to Back For Good, using the word ‘Anti-bac for good!’

Others, meanwhile, thought  it was rude of Robbie to make it so clear that he hadn’t enjoyed his handshaking routine during the song.

However, some backed Robbie and said they understood why he would use an anti-bac.

Even though Robbie played some of his popular hits on the night, it didn’t stop some miserly folk at home from bleating on about the quality of his vocals and suggesting he wasn’t the best of singers.

But the crowd at Westminster Central Hall didn’t seem to share many viewers’ opinions and seemed to be loving every minute as they welcomed in 2017.

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