Horror accident for Coronation Street favourite

Will he be okay?

Coronation Street’s Luke Britton suffers an accident while working at Kevin’s garage – leaving his boss in hot water.

With Kevin up to his eyeballs in debt already, he really doesn’t need this latest incident, but will lovely Luke really take his boss to the cleaners?

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It all starts when Luke is fixing a car at the garage. Nothing unusual so far…

But suddenly the car falls and Luke finds himself trapped underneath it.

As he screams for help, it’s his girlfriend Tracy Barlow and her nephew Adam who are walking past.

They rush to his aid, and Adam locates a jack before winching the car off a terrified Luke.

As Tracy shows a surprising caring side and checks her man over, Adam is rubbing his hands together in glee.

Having just started setting up his own personal injury law firm, the Barlow bad boy knows he’s looking at a potential new client.

When Kevin comes over to find out what happened, Tracy is absolutely insistent Luke is going to sue him – nice to see her compassionate side only lasted five minutes!

Kev makes a fatal error when he admits the accident was in fact his fault because he wasn’t using the safety stand – oh Kevin, you should have kept your mouth shut!

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Like a dog with a bone, Tracy refuses to let it lie and tells worried Mr Webster Luke’s going to go for every penny of compensation he can get.

Already in financial strife, Kevin knows he can’t afford to pay Luke off.

But Luke’s usually such a nice guy, will he go along with Tracy’s plot or will he cut his boss a break?

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