Horrified Andrea McLean opens up about man exposing himself to children

The star spoke about the incident on Loose Women

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Andrea McLean opened up about her regret of not calling the police after she watched a man expose himself to children during a family holiday.

The 47-year-old spoke about the shocking ordeal on Loose Women on Monday.

Andrea spoke about her disgust over the incident (Credit: ITV)

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She told her fellow panellists, Jane Moore, Stacey Solomon and Coleen Nolan: “We were on holiday and I like to wear goggles and there was a man in the swimming pool exposing himself in a pool surrounded by children.

“I mean you could say he was just trying to get some fresh water on it or something but he was clearly aroused and there were children in the pool.”

She then explained that she confronted him. She said: “I spoke to him later in the restaurant.

“I said: ‘I saw what you did and you are sick and disgusting. If you ever do that again, I will report you.’

“I should have screamed and shouted and reported him.”

The star admitted she regrets not reporting the man (Credit: ITV)

And viewers were shocked that the mum-of-two didn’t report the incident to the police.

One wrote on Twitter: “@andrea_mclean I find it absolutely abhorrent that you saw this & done nothing, leaving him to expose him himself to others #loosewomen.”

#LooseWomen Yes Andrea, you should have done something at the time. How many times did that creep expose himself before you did the right thing,” another said.

A third tweeted: “@andrea_mclean so you’re saying you saw a paedophile in action, told him you saw him and gave him your best stare? And that’s it? Wow.”

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Meanwhile on the lunchtime show today the loose ladies interviewed Ian Huntley’s daughter Samantha Bryan.

Samantha – who’s dad Ian Huntley murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman back in 2002 – found out her dad was convicted for the Soham murders when she was working on a class project.

Speaking on the show alongside her mum and grandma she said: “A lot of people that knew me and they knew the story as well, but they only knew little bits.

“Rather than them judging me I just wanted to come forward and show people who I am and prove that I’m absolutely nothing like him and never will be.”

But viewers slammed the show for interviewing the young girl.

One wrote on Twitter: “#LooseWomen bringing on Ian Huntleys daughter is shameful!!”

“#LooseWomen Ian Huntley’s probably watching this in prison, her mum should be protecting her not shoving her on TV @loosewomen,” another ranted.

A third said: “Why would anyone want to keep raking this up? Having a kid to Ian Huntley? Keep it the past, stop sensationalising it! #loosewomen.”

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