“Honey G’s a bit like Sonia Jackson doing Children In Need…”

Which musician has stuck the boot into the rapper - and the poor EastEnder?!

Honey G is racking up a lot of haters in the music world. Lily Allen is offended by her on every level. Sinitta thinks she’s faking it, John Legend snubbed her – and Professor Green accused her of taking the mickey out of rap.

Pro Green has been back for Round Two, in fact, laying into the North Weezy lass on Sunday Brunch, during a chat with Tim Lovejoy:

“I just don’t think she’s a very credible representation.

“It’s a bit like Sonia Jackson doing something for Children In Need – do you know what I mean? It’s a joke.

“It is an entertainment show, but at the heart of it is music.”

Ooh, harsh, but oh-s0-funny!

Meanwhile, the Goggleboxers have had their say on the middle-class rapper, as they watched Honey G perform her unique version of Men In Black on The X Factor last week.

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With Honey wearing an all-black outfit, Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi both said that she looked like a bin bag.

They weren’t wrong.

Then came the epic dance moves and one family couldn’t help but absolutely rinse the wannabe rapper.

Scarlett Moffatt’s dad Mark watched Honey G dancing to the R&B tune, and immediately started singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout”

Yeah Honey, maybe lay off the dancing…

At the end of her performance Mark said: “I think she’s on par with Stevi Richie!”

Scarlett and her mum Betty sat on their sofa’s in shock.

Betty shouted: “He was sh*** an’ all man!”

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Mark carried on: “I used to look forward to watching Stevi Richie, and now I look forward to seeing her…”

Honey, you’ve got a fan in Mark!

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