Honey G does WHAT in the X Factor house?!

Four of Diamonds expose the rapper's surprising secrets...

She’s the self-proclaimed rapper who has stolen the hearts of many X Factor viewers, but we have uncovered a shocking secret about ‘street-wise’ urban artist Honey G – she loves nothing more than watching EastEnders with a nice cup of tea.

Who’d have thought THAT?!

Speaking exclusively to ED!, recently booted-out finalists Four of Diamonds – Sophia, Yasmin, Caroline and Lauren – revealed Honey’s unbelievable antics.

Further, the girls claim Honey is the most hard-working contestant of them all.

Lauren said: “On a Monday and Tuesday when we got our songs you barely saw her. She stays in her room, she rehearses constantly.

“She works the hardest out of everyone. She really does. She nails down her lyrics and makes every song her own.”

Lauren was quick to explain that, although Honey works hard, she is not a hermit, and even said that they have watched a bit of telly with her too!

“We’ve sat and watched EastEnders with Honey!”

Yasmin added: “We’ve seen her without the glasses and the hat. And she makes the best cup of tea in the world!”

Well, we never saw that coming!

The singers also agreed with Simon Cowell and said that they believe the urban star could win the talent show.

Yasmin continued: “She’s so unique, she works so hard. She has a dream and she deserves to go all the way.”

Sophia added: “You can’t watch a Honey G performance and not get involved and not love it. She is infectious, that’s amazing. She’s got it.”

Four of Diamonds had a rollercoaster of a ride on the show.

First they were put together as a group by producers, then ditched by mentor Louis Walsh at Judges’ Houses, only to be brought back for the second live show.

Despite all of that, they sang the Irishman’s praises.

Yasmin said: “He’s amazing, he will tell you how it is and we love that about him.”

When asked if they could see Simon Cowell as president of the United States, the girls quickly chose Louis instead!

Sophia said: “I’d vote for Louis Walsh. He’s so honest.”

Yasmin added: “I’d vote Louis. I can’t praise him enough, he’s incredible.”

Watch out America!

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