Honey G has a very SURPRISING fan!

Although the megastar says they haven't actually seen the rapper in action! (Lucky thing!)

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Cheryl – whatever her name is these days – has chucked herself into the Honey G row, saying the ropey rapper should win The X Factor.

Surprised? Ah, don’t be; Cheryl revealed she doesn’t actually watch the show so she’s not really seen the hip-hop legend-in-her-own-mind perform.

Asked about whether she’s tuned in to see the latest series, the former X Factor judge said, “No I haven’t – should I be?

Apparently, Cheryl’s taking her tips from a very discerning crowd, namely her nieces and nephews who are apparently obsessed with Honey G.

“My nieces and nephews think she is great and I really hope she wins, just for them.”

Honey G caused outrage at the weekend when she survived a sing off against Ryan Lawrie in the bottom two, after a toe-curling performance where she grinded against Simon Cowell’s back and murdered the Missy Elliott track, Work It.

Entertainment Daily met up with Ryan for a post eviction INTERVIEW after he lost out to the world’s least hip hip-hop wannabe and he was not complimentary.

The super cite Scot snorted – kind of – when ED columnist Andy West asked him whether he ever thought he’d lose out to Honey G. He added ‘I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the rapping, it’s not my cup of tea anywhere but everyone’s excited to see her performances.’

He also added that Honey G needed the big stage productions because the ‘vocals aren’t there!’

In another interview, Ryan went as far as to suggest that she was ‘fake’, comparing her to comedy creation Keith Lemon.

Back to Cheryl who reveals she’s been working on new music. “I’m not going to release it until I am 100 per cent happy and I’m getting there, but it won’t be until next year.”

Ooh, the world can’t wait.

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