Honey G has a “single” on the way!

She may be off the X Factor, but that's not the last you'll hear of her. Sadly.

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Okay, so Honey G is no more and has been booted off the X Factor.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve heard the last of her unique brand of rap. Oh no!

Not only is the 30something word-spitter due to appear on the X Factor tour in the new year, it’s also believed – eek! – that she will also be releasing a record! You’ve been warned!

Yep, folks, it’s time to finally grab those earplugs or book a one way ticket to Timbucktoo!

The North Wheezy rap star – who was lost out to by-numbers boyband 5 After Midnight on the sing off – has revealed on The Xtra Factor that an ‘amazing’ single  has been written for her that she’s excited about performing on tour.

“I literally cannot wait to perform,” she told hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson. “I know that they’ve written an amazing single, the X Factor team have written a really amazing single so I hope I’ll be performing that.”

It is unclear if the song has had any input from Ed Sheeran, who is believed to have written the ‘winner’s’ song (er, do we hear ‘FIX’? After all, if Honey had won would she have sung a song clearly written for Emily or Matt?).

So the question we’re all asking is, has Honey landed a record deal?

Well, she really hopes she has, telling Ry and Matt she prays her biggest fan Simon Cowell will grant her wish!

“I’d really, really like to get a record deal with Simon Cowell,” she admitted. “I have my heart set on that. I know I can sell records, and I’ve got the potential to go far as a rap artist.”

Simon, who has made no secret of the fact he thinks she’s a star, merely grinned and said: “We don’t make any decisions until after the show.”

Well, we reckon the music maestro would be a fool not to give her an album or at least a single. After all, Ollie and Bolly did last year (though, folks, what did happen to them?)

But like her or loathe, we were very impressed that in spite of leaving the show shy of the semi finals, Honey G took leaving the show admirably – something the likes of po-faced Gifty-Louise should take note of.

Clearly having loved her time on the show, Honey happily gushed: “I have had the time of my life. I have no regrets”, adding that her version of California Love hitting the number one spot on Spotify last night proved that “I can sell records.”

But she saved her highest praise for her mentor Sharon Osbourne.

“She knows where I want to take my music career as a rap artist,” Honey said. “She sees my vision, she gets me., she understands and I don’t think any other judge could have done a better job than she did.”

Aww, bless her. Expect to see Honey G doing the rounds for some time to come. Well, at least until Easter at least!

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