Did Honey G prove YET AGAIN that the X Factor is fixed?

Rapper's comment sparks fury among know-it-all viewers!

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Another week, another fix allegation. Zzz….

This time, viewers were convinced that the X Factor is all a bit of lie after Honey G let slip that she had an amazing track lined up for next week’s show, just seconds after the theme was randomly chosen by Ant & Dec.

The Geordie duo were roped in to spin the Jukebox wheel on the set of I’m A Celeb, and ‘randomly’ revealed next week’s theme would be MOVIES.

However, Honey’s reference to knowing her song already had viewers in a right old tizz.

While another avid X Factor fan raged: How does Honey G know she;s got a “amazing track” lined up for next week if they’ve only just spun the wheel.”

But sorry to disappoint this conspiracy theory hungry moaners, there is an explanation.

A show insider has revealed that although the choice of the show’s theme is made by the spin of the wheel at the end of each Sunday, songs have already been chosen for all the categories on the wheel in advance so that rights for the use of the song can be sought way in advance of the show.

Meanwhile, it was a controversial week for Honey G, who was not only criticised for posting a tweet about the show during the minute’s silence on remembrance Sunday.

But she was also attacked for her  making “gang signs” during the pop wannabe’s special musical tribute to the nation’s war dead at the start of Sunday’s show.

One viewer moaned: “Honey g hand movements during the Remembrance Day song was a f***ing joke.”

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