Has Honey G just proved that she could win The X Factor?

Viewers actually seemed to enjoy her performance

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The Honey G question has finally been answered on The X Factor.

The build-up to the live finals have been dominated by the rapper, as viewers and commentators debate as to whether she is the real deal or not.

Even the shock late removal of The Brooks Way twins couldn’t overshadow Honey.

Stepping out in a gold lame tracksuit, she proclaimed that it was “Honey G time” but did we want to taste this on the X Factor?

Louis Walsh thought that “Tupac would be happy”, despite him being long dead, while Nicole Scherzinger thought that Honey G had dressed like “a jacket potato”.

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Weirdly though, Simon Cowell loved it but what did the viewers at home think to the first rapper to make the live finals.

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Of course, there were just as many that have felt that the Honey G ‘joke’ is wearing thin.

What would Tupac think?

What is for certain, it looks like Honey G could be going further in this competition than anyone first thought.

She might be making a mockery of hip hop but she might just be the only one in the final twelve that has the ‘X Factor’.

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